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What is the delivery time?   For full day weddings the turn around time is about 2-3 months.  I am currently trying to get it down to 1- 2 months but I like to give myself extra time just to be safe.  I know we are all excited for the finished gallery but it does take some time.  For all other sessions the unusual turn around time is within a week.


How many photos do we get? ALL THE PHOTOS!! Yes, I said it all the photos from your session. The only photos I will not add to your collection are blurry or unflattering photos that will be no of no use. 

Note: I will not give away raw files for any reason

How do we receive the photos?  All collections will be a secured online gallery with full high-resolution photos.  I will also send a digital download link where you can download and print all your images.

How can we view one of your galleries?  Please send me an email and we will chit chat about my featured galleries that you can take a look at.

Do you travel?  Of course! I am always up for an adventure and love exploring and shooting in different areas.  Pricing does vary for travel; depending on location and hours of session.  Contact me for details.

Are you flexible with budgets?  YES YES YES! I am very understanding when it comes to money.  I remember before I was a photographer asking different photographers for different packages and realizing that they were all out of m budget. I know that it can be difficult for us all at times and I am always willing to help and still be able to accommodate within reason.  Please be open about your budget and clear from that start so that I can figure out what works best for us both. 


Have more question?  Please send me an email and we can discuss more.  Visit

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